New Books

Masters of craft: old jobs in the new urban economy / Richard E. Ocejo.

Teaching dialogue interpreting: research-based proposals for higher education / edited by Letizia Cirillo, Natacha Niemants.

Algorithms of oppression: how search engines reinforce racism / Safiya Umoja Noble.

Coolies of the empire: indentured Indians in the sugar colonies, 1830-1920 / Ashutosh Kumar.

The art of the city / Raffaele Milani ; translated by Corrado Federici.

Design for social diversity / Emily Talen and Sungduck Lee.

Fantasies of the library / edited by Anna-Sophie Springer & Etienne Turpin.

The internet of things / Mercedes Bunz and Graham Meikle.

Chanson douce. English

Trickster chases the tale of education / Sylvia Moore.

Nannies, migration and early childhood education and care: an international comparison of in-home childcare policy and practice / Elizabeth Adamson.

Lost kingdoms: Hindu-Buddhist sculpture of early Southeast Asia / John Guy ; with essays by Pierre Baptiste, Lawrence Becker, Bérénice Bellina, Robert L. Brown, Federico Carò, Pattaratorn Chirapravati, Janet G. Douglas, Arlo Griffiths, Agustijanto Indradjaya, Le Thi Lien, Pierre-Yves Manguin, Stephen A. Murphy, Ariel O'Connor, Peter Skilling, Janice Stargardt, Donna Strahan, U Thein Lwin, Geoff Wade, U Win Kyaing, Hiram Woodward, and Thierry Zéphir.

Discovering Tibet: the Tucci expeditions and Tibetan paintings / edited by Deborah Klimburg-Salter.

Ergonomic requirements for office work with visual display terminals (VDTs). Part 5, Workstation layout and postural requirements = Exigences ergonomiques pour travail de bureau avec terminaux á écrans de visualisation (TEV). Partie 5, Aménagement du poste de travail et exigences relatives aux postures.

The end of loyalty: the rise and fall of good jobs in America / Rick Wartzman.

Global climate change and terrestrial invertebrates / edited by Scott N. Johnson, T. Hefin Jones.

Islam and the future of tolerance: a dialogue / Sam Harris, Maajid Nawaz.

Say we are nations: documents of politics and protest in indigenous America since 1887 / edited by Daniel M. Cobb.

On the run: fugitive life in an American city / Alice Goffman.

Negotiations: insights, strategies and outcomes / editor, Kathleen M. Johnson.

Business bullshit / André Spicer.

Fighting words: fifteen books that shaped the postcolonial world / edited by Dominic Davies, Erica Lombard and Benjamin Mountford.

The influencing machine: Brooke Gladstone on the media / illustrated by Josh Neufeld ; with additional penciling by Randy Jones and Susann Ferris-Jones.

Crossing space and time in the Indian Ocean: early Indian traders in Natal: a biographical study / Goolam Vahed and Surendra Bhana.

History and its objects: antiquarianism and material culture since 1500 / Peter N. Miller.

Cross-Canada guide to human rights law in employment / Canadian Association of Counsel to Employers.

Handbook of biophilic city planning and design / Timothy Beatley.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion: strategies for facilitating conversations on race / Caprice D. Hollins, Ilsa M. Govan.

Handbook of neural computation / edited by Pijush Samui, Sanjiban Sekhar Roy, Valentina E. Balas.

Artificial intelligence: what everyone needs to know / Jerry Kaplan.

Tough crimes: true cases by top Canadian lawyers / C.D. Evans and Lorene Shyba, editors.

Neural network methods for natural language processing / Yoav Goldberg.

The marrow thieves / Cherie Dimaline.

The night gardener / Jonathan Auxier.

The art of Buddhism: an introduction to its history & meaning / Denise Patry Leidy.

Buddhist art of Myanmar / edited by Sylvia Fraser-Lu and Donald M. Stadtner.

Mount Wutai: visions of a sacred Buddhist mountain / Wen-shing Chou.

Cave temples of Dunhuang: Buddhist art on China's Silk road / edited by Neville Agnew, Marcia Reed, and Tevvy Ball.

Shaping the Lotus Sutra: Buddhist visual culture in medieval China / Eugene Y. Wang.

Backlash: what happens when we talk honestly about racism in America / George Yancy ; foreword by Cornel West.

Change: organising tomorrow, today / Jay Naidoo.

Rethinking the American labor movement / Elizabeth Faue.

Indo-Caribbean indenture: resistance and accommodation, 1838-1920 / Lomarsh Roopnarine.

Biological invasions and animal behaviour / edited by Judith S. Weis, Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA, and Daniel Sol, National Spanish Research Council (CSIC), Spain.

The jury under fire: myth, controversy, and reform / Brian H. Bornstein and Edie Greene.

The pursuit of power: Europe, 1815-1914 / Richard J. Evans.

Fascism: a warning / Madeleine Albright, with Bill Woodward.

The nonprofit human resource management handbook: from theory to practice / edited by Jessica E. Sowa and Jessica K.A. Word.

Indigenous nationals, Canadian citizens: from first contact to Canada 150 and beyond / Thomas J. Courchene.

Take us to your chief and other stories / Drew Hayden Taylor.

Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit: what Inuit have always known to be true / edited by Joe Karetak, Frank Tester & Shirley Tagalik.

Integrating mindfulness into anti-oppression pedagogy: social justice in higher education / Beth Berila.

Boss lady: how three women entrepreneurs built successful big businesses in the mid-twentieth century / Edith Sparks.

Data protection: ensuring data availability / Preston de Guise.

Branding: a very short introduction / Robert Jones.

Machine learning: the new AI / Ethem Alpaydin.

The ethical practice of forensic psychology: a casebook / edited by Gianni Pirelli, Robert A. Beattey, Patricia A. Zapf.

How we learn: learning and non-learning in school and beyond / Knud Illeris.

Vocology: the science and practice of voice habilitation / by Ingo R. Titze and Katherine Verdolini Abbott.

Unter einem Dach: ein Syrer und ein Deutscher erzählen / Amir Baitar, Henning Sussebach ; Amir Baitars Texte wurden aus dem Arabischen übersetzt von Larissa Bender.

Gakina Gidagwi'igoomin Anishinaabewiyang = We are all treaty people / James Cote, Elmer Courchene and William G. Lathlin with contributions by the Council of Elders.

Practical vocal acoustics: pedagogic applications for teachers and singers / by Kenneth W. Bozeman.

Wild plants, mushrooms and nuts: functional food properties and applications / edited by Isabel C.F.R. Ferreira, Mountain Research Centre (CIMO), School of Agriculture, Polytechnic Institute of Bragança, Portugal, Patricia Morales Gómez, Department of Nutrition and Bromatology II, Faculty of Pharmacy, Complutense University of Madrid, Lillian Barros, Mountain Research Centre (CIMO), School of Agriculture, Polytechnic Institute of Bragança, Portugal.

How the right lost its mind / Charles J. Sykes.

I am a truck / Michelle Winters.

Standard methods for sampling North American freshwater fishes / edited by Scott A. Bonar, Wayne A. Hubert, David W. Willis.

The food and folklore reader / edited by Lucy M. Long.

Powering up Canada: a history of power, fuel, and energy from 1600 / edited by R.W. Sandwell.

Luxury in global perspective: objects and practices, 1600-2000 / Bernd-Stefan Grewe, University of Education, Freiburg, Karin Hofmeester, International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam.

History and material culture: a student's guide to approaching alternative sources / edited by Karen Harvey.

Madness in civilization: a cultural history of insanity, from the Bible to Freud, from the madhouse to modern medicine / Andrew Scull.

America's disaster culture: the production of natural disasters in literature and pop culture / Robert C. Bell and Robert M. Ficociello.

Solving poverty: innovative strategies from Winnipeg's inner city / Jim Silver.

The philosophical foundations of ecological civilization: a manifesto for the future / Arran Gare.

On the side of the angels: Canada and the United Nations Commission on Human Rights / Andrew S. Thompson ; with a foreword by Alex Neve.

Estuary English: levelling at the interface of RP and South-Eastern British English / Ulrike Altendorf.

An index to Oxfordian publications: including Oxfordian books and selected articles from non-Oxfordian publications / editor, James A. Warren.

Biogeochemistry: an analysis of global change / William H. Schlesinger, Emily Bernhardt.

La mare au diable / George Sand ; notes, questionnaires, et Dossier Bibliocollège par Brigitte Wagneur.

Poetry in the making: a handbook for writing and teaching / Ted Hughes.

When in Romans: an invitation to linger with the gospel according to Paul / Beverly Roberts Gaventa.

Experiential learning: experience as the source of learning and development / David A. Kolb, Experience Based Learning Systems, Inc.

Stem cells: an insider's guide / Paul Knoepfler, University of California, Davis, USA.

Planet of microbes: the perils and potential of Earth's essential life forms / Ted Anton.

Environmental management: critical thinking and emerging practices / Peter R. Mulvihill and S. Harris Ali.

Modern Prometheus: editing the human genome with Crispr-Cas9 / Jim Kozubek.

Quantum continuous variables: a primer of theoretical methods / Alessio Serafini.

Priests of prosperity: how central bankers transformed the postcommunist world / Juliet Johnson.

The utopia of rules: on technology, stupidity, and the secret joys of bureaucracy / David Graeber.

Plant specialized metabolism: genomics, biochemistry, and biological functions / edited by Gen-ichiro Arimura, Tokyo University of Science, Tokyo, Japan, Massimo Maffei, University of Turin, Torino, Italy.

The idea of a text and the nature of textual meaning / Anders Pettersson.

Environmental protection: what everyone needs to know / Pamela Hill.

How to create the conditions for learning: continuous improvement in classrooms, schools, and districts / Ann Jaquith.

Good reception: teens, teachers, and mobile media in a Los Angeles high school / Antero Garcia.

Experimental design for laboratory biologists: maximising information and improving reproducibility / Stanley E. Lazic.

Augmented human: how technology is shaping the new reality / Helen Papagiannis.

Embodying Ecological Heritage in a Maya Community: Health, Happiness, and Identity / Kristina Baines.

The depths of Russia: oil, power, and culture after socialism / Douglas Rogers.

Grasses of the Great Plains / James Stubbendieck, Stephan L. Hatch, Cheryl D. Dunn.

A cultural history of the senses in Antiquity / edited by Jerry P. Toner.

Grassroots environmental governance: community engagements with industry / edited by Leah S. Horowitz and Michael J. Watts.

Plant stress physiology / edited by Sergey Shabala, School of Land and Food, University of Tasmania, Australia.

Arctic ice shelves and ice islands / Luke Copland, Derek Mueller, editors.

Kingdom of olives and ash: writers confront the occupation / Ayelet Waldman and Michael Chabon, editors ; Moriel Rothman-Zecher, associate editor.

Game changers: stories of the revolutionary minds behind game theory / Rudolf Taschner ; English translation by Brian Taylor.

Animal athletes: an ecological and evolutionary approach / Duncan J. Irschick, Professor, Department of Biology, University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA, Timothy E. Higham, Associate Professor, Department of Biology, University of California, Riverside, USA.

Vascular plants of Alberta / John G. Packer and A. Joyce Gould.

The pedagogy of teacher activism: portraits of four teachers for justice / Keith C. Catone.

The South African Gandhi: stretcher-bearer of empire / Ashwin Desai and Goolam Vahed.

Free speech on campus / Erwin Chemerinsky, Howard Gillman.

Pushing the Limits: How Schools Can Prepare Our Children Today for the Challenges of Tomorrow / Kelly Gallagher-Mackay and Nancy Steinhauer.

Critical educational psychology / Stephen Vassallo, American University, Washington, DC.

My grandfather's knocking sticks: Ojibwe family life and labor on the reservation / Brenda J. Child.

Slavery in medieval and early modern Iberia / William D. Phillips, Jr.

Moral landscape: how science can determine human values / Sam Harris.

Empowering electricity: co-operatives, sustainability, and power sector reform in Canada / Julie L. MacArthur.

Teacher quality and teacher education quality: accreditation from a global perspective / edited by Nicholas M. Michelli, Robin Dada, Deborah Eldridge, Rana M. Tamim, and Karen Karp.

Exploding the castle: rethinking how video games and game mechanics can shape the future of education / edited by Michael F. Young, University of Connecticut, Stephen T. Slota, University of Connecticut.

Flora unveiled: the discovery and denial of sex in plants / Lincoln Taiz and Lee Taiz.