New Books

Ideas and intervention: social theory for practice / Joe Bailey.

1 Corinthians / Dan Nighswander.

Whose global village?: rethinking how technology shapes our world / Ramesh Srinivasan.

Adcreep: the case against modern marketing / Mark Bartholomew.

Ein Blockhaus in der Einsamkeit: Kanadas Wildnis als Lebensweg / Nicole Lischewski

Policing the Black man: arrest, prosecution, and imprisonment / edited and with an introduction by Angela J. Davis.

The making of Black lives matter: a brief history of an idea / Christopher J. Lebron.

The great questions of tomorrow / David Rothkopf.

Behind the fog: how the U.S. Cold War radiological weapons program exposed innocent Americans / Lisa Martino-Taylor.

Awakening: how gays and lesbians brought marriage equality to America / Nathaniel Frank.

Too fat, too slutty, too loud: the rise and reign of the unruly woman / Anne Helen Petersen.

From treaty peoples to treaty nation: a road map for all Canadians / Greg Poelzer and Ken S. Coates.

Amour fou. English

Secwépemc People, Land, and Laws = Yerí7 re Sts?qe?ys-kucw / Marianne Ignace and Ronald E. Ignace ; with contributions by Mike K. Rousseau, Nancy J. Turner, Kenneth Favrholdt, and many Secwépemc storytellers, past and present ; foreword by Bonnie Leonard.

Children, memory, and family identity in Roman culture / edited by Veronique Dasen and Thomas Späth.

Roots of our renewal: ethnobotany and Cherokee environmental governance / Clint Carroll.

Gambling on authenticity: gaming, the noble savage, and the not-so-new Indian / edited by Becca Gercken and Julie Pelletier.

The rights of man ; or, What are we fighting for? / H. G. Wells ; with an introduction by Ali Smith.

Policing Black lives: state violence in Canada from slavery to the present / Robyn Maynard.

Agnès Varda between film, photography, and art / Rebecca J. DeRoo.

Beauty sick: how the cultural obsession with appearance hurts girls and women / Renee Engeln, Ph. D.

Poems. Selections

Ethical intuitionism: re-evaluations / edited by Philip Stratton-Lake.

Behind the walls: inmates and correctional officers on the state of Canadian prisons / Michael Weinrath.

The poisonwood Bible: a novel / Barbara Kingsolver.

Welcome to Africville / written, produced and directed by Dana Inkster.

Wittgenstein's investigations: awakening the imagination / Beth Savickey.

The politics of global governance: international organizations in an interdependent world / edited by Brian Frederking, Paul F. Diehl.

The Hillsong movement examined: You call me out upon the waters / edited by Tanya Riches, Tom Wagner.

Growing up democratic: does it make a difference? / edited by David Denemark, Robert Mattes, Richard G. Niemi.

Commercial diplomacy and international business: a conceptual and empirical exploration / edited by Huub Ruël.

The geopolitics of global energy: the new cost of plenty / edited by Timothy C. Lehmann.

Social life in Greece from Homer to Menander / by J.P. Mahaffy.

The universe in your hand: a journey through space, time, and beyond / Christophe Galfard.

Experiencing Hektor: character in the Iliad / Lynn Kozak.

Handbook of disaster research / edited by Havi??dán Rodríguez, William Donner, Joseph E. Trainor ; [with forewords by Senator Thomas Richard Carper, Russell R. Dynes, Dennis E. Wenger, Norma Doneghy Anderson].

Political Islam & democracy in the Muslim world / Paul Kubicek.

Confronting homelessness: poverty, politics, and the failure of social policy / David Wagner with Jennifer Barton Gilman.

The world food problem: toward understanding and ending undernutrition in the developing world / Howard D. Leathers, with Phillips Foster.

Good news for all people: studies in the Gospel of Luke / Tim Geddert.

In the way of Jesus / Paul D. Kroeker.

Leviticus / Perry B. Yoder.

Love undocumented: risking trust in a fearful world / Sarah Quezada.

Shalom Sistas: living wholeheartedly in a brokenhearted world / Osheta Moore.

The power of people: learn how successful organizations use workforce analytics to improve business performance / Nigel Guenole, Jonathan Ferrar, Sheri Feinzig.

The talent delusion: the new psychology of human potential / Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, Ph. D.

The standard model: a primer / C.P. Burgess and Guy D. Moore, McGill University, Montreal.

What are community studies? / Graham Crow.

Elinor Ostrom: an intellectual biography / Vlad Tarko.

Working?: employment policy in Canada / Stephen McBride.

Marx in the age of digital capitalism / edited by Christian Fuchs, Vincent Mosco.

Time machine tales: the science fiction adventures and philosophical puzzles of time travel / Paul J. Nahin.

The creator's game: lacrosse, identity, and Indigenous nationhood / Allan Downey.

A very short, fairly interesting and reasonably cheap book about studying organizations / Chris Grey.

Redefining capitalism in global economic development / Kui-Wai Li (The Kui-Wai Consultancy for Economic Development, Inc., Toronto, Canada).

Minority report: Mennonite identities in Imperial Russia and Soviet Ukraine reconsidered, 1789-1945 / edited by Leonard G. Friesen.

Van Dale middelgroot woordenboek Nederlands-Engels / redactionele en vertaalbijdragen: Mariska Albers, Michele Hutchison.

Beyond beauty / by Federico Vercellone ; translated by Sarah De Sanctis.

Enlightenment now: the case for reason, science, humanism, and progress / Steven Pinker.

Snacks: a Canadian food history / Janis Thiessen.

Consuming the Congo: war and conflict minerals in the world's deadliest place / Peter Eichstaedt.

Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie. English

China's second continent: how a million migrants are building a new empire in Africa / Howard W. French.

Essays. Selections. English

Rape during civil war / Dara Kay Cohen.

Property and political order in Africa: land rights and the structure of politics / Catherine Boone.

Political parties in Africa: ethnicity and party formation / Sebastian Elischer.

The looting machine: warlords, oligarchs, corporations, smugglers, and the theft of Africa's wealth / Tom Burgis.

The Adventures of Claire never ending / Catherine Brunelle

Workers and nationalism: Czech and German social democracy in Habsburg Austria, 1890-1918 / Jakub S. Bene?.

Futures and fictions / edited by Henriette Gunkel, Ayesha Hameed and Simon O'Sullivan.

Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance: an inquiry into values / Robert M. Pirsig.

Works. English. 2004

Folktales and fairy tales: traditions and texts from around the world / edited by Anne E. Duggan and Donald Haase, with Helen Callow.

The Canadian Rangers: a living history / P. whitney Lackenbauer.

Women matter = femmes matière: French and francophone women in the material world / Maggie Allison and Imogen Long (eds).

Périclès. English

Jean Renoir: a biography / Pascal Mérigeau ; translated by Bruce Benderson ; foreword by Martin Scorsese.

Whose culture is it, anyway?: community engagement in small cities / edited by W.F. Garrett-Petts, James Hoffman, Ginny Ratsoy.

Finding time: the economics of work-life conflict / Heather Boushey.

Ethnic politics and state power in Africa: the logic of the coup-civil war trap / Philip Roessler (College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia).

Humanitarian economics: war, disaster and the global aid market / Gilles Carbonnier.

Essays. Selections

Parcours de femmes: twenty years of Women in French / edited by Maggie Allison and Angela Kershaw.

American splendor [videorecording] / HBO Films in association with Fine Line Features presents a Good Machine production, a film by Shari Springer Berman & Robert Pulcini ; produced by Ted Hope ; written and directed by Robert Pulcini & Shari Springer Berman.

Between indigenous and settler governance / edited by Lisa Ford and Tim Rowse.

Fire metaphors: discourses of awe and authority / Jonathan Charteris-Black.

Nta'tugwaqanminen: our story: the evolution of the Gespe'gewa'gi Mi'gmaq / Gespe'gewa'gi Mi'gmawei Mawiomi.

Identity in place: contemporary indigenous fiction by women writers in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand / Paula Anca Farca.

Resilience and triumph: immigrant women tell their stories / edited and compiled by the Book Project Collective, Rashmi Luther, Vanaja Dhruvarajan, Ikram Ahmed Jama, Yumi Kotani, Monia Mazigh, Peruvemba S. Jaya, and Lucya Spencer.

St. Peter's Indian reserve: articles and reports, 1859-1939 / compiled by Craig Charbonneau Fontaine.

Shantytown, USA: forgotten landscapes of the working poor / Lisa Goff.

Trauma and resilience in American Indian and African American southern history / edited by Anthony S. Parent Jr. and Ulrike Wiethaus.

Heretic: why Islam needs a reformation now / Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Sovereign stories: aesthetics, autonomy, and contemporary Native American writing / Padraig Kirwan.

Myths about rock art / Robert G. Bednarik.

Radical: my journey out of Islamist extremism / Maajid Nawaz ; with Tom Bromley.

Works. Selections

The truth that wampum tells: my debwewin on the Algonquin land claims process / Lynn Gehl.

The Canadian Sioux / James H. Howard ; with a new foreword by Raymond J. DeMallie and Douglas R. Parks.

Health information systems and the advancement of medical practice in developing countries / Kgomotso H. Moahi, University of Botswana, Botswana, Kelvin Joseph Bwalya, University of Johannesburg, South Africa, and Peter Mazebe II Sebina, University of Botswana, Botswana, [editors].

String theory: an introduction to the bosonic string / Joseph Polchinski.

Our dogs, our selves: dogs in Medieval and early modern art, literature, and society / edited by Laura D. Gelfand.

Restructuring capitalism: materialism and spiritualism in business / Rogene A. Buchholz.

On human nature: biology, psychology, ethics, politics, and religion / edited by Michel Tibayrenc, Francisco J. Ayala.

The naked Anabaptist: the bare essentials of a radical faith / Stuart Murray ; foreword by Gregory A. Boyd.

Rethinking the new world order / Georg Sørensen.

Survivors Rowe / Loud Roar Productions ; directed by Daniel Roher.

The captive mind / by Czeslaw Milosz ; translated from the Polish by Jane Zielonko.

Eating ethically: religion and science for a better diet / Jonathan K. Crane.

Under Siberian skies: a novel / by David Funk.

Only leave a trace: meditations / Roger Epp ; Rhonda Harder Epp, illustrator.