New Books

Masters of craft: old jobs in the new urban economy / Richard E. Ocejo.

The end of loyalty: the rise and fall of good jobs in America / Rick Wartzman.

Negotiations: insights, strategies and outcomes / editor, Kathleen M. Johnson.

Business bullshit / André Spicer.

Change: organising tomorrow, today / Jay Naidoo.

Rethinking the American labor movement / Elizabeth Faue.

The nonprofit human resource management handbook: from theory to practice / edited by Jessica E. Sowa and Jessica K.A. Word.

Boss lady: how three women entrepreneurs built successful big businesses in the mid-twentieth century / Edith Sparks.

Branding: a very short introduction / Robert Jones.

Luxury in global perspective: objects and practices, 1600-2000 / Bernd-Stefan Grewe, University of Education, Freiburg, Karin Hofmeester, International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam.

Solving poverty: innovative strategies from Winnipeg's inner city / Jim Silver.

Priests of prosperity: how central bankers transformed the postcommunist world / Juliet Johnson.

The depths of Russia: oil, power, and culture after socialism / Douglas Rogers.

Empowering electricity: co-operatives, sustainability, and power sector reform in Canada / Julie L. MacArthur.