New Books

Jesus' Abba: the God who has not failed / John B. Cobb, Jr.

Old Testament textual criticism: a practical introduction / Ellis R. Brotzman and Eric J. Tully.

Paul and gender: reclaiming the apostle's vision for men and women in Christ / Cynthia Long Westfall.

40 questions about Christians and Biblical law / Thomas R. Schreiner.

Paul Tillich and pentecostal theology: spiritual presence and spiritual power / edited by Nimi Wariboko & Amos Yong.

Pocket dictionary of biblical studies: over 300 terms clearly and concisely defined / Arthur G. Patzia and Anthony J. Petrotta.

Pocket dictionary of theological terms: over 300 terms clearly and concisely defined / Stanley J. Grenz, David Guretzki & Cherith Fee Nordling.

Pocket handbook of Christian apologetics / Peter Kreeft and Ronald K. Tacelli.

Pocket history of the church / D. Jeffrey Bingham.

Pocket history of theology: twenty centuries in five concise acts / Roger E. Olson and Adam C. English.

Religion, culture, and the public sphere in China and Japan / Albert Welter, Jeffrey Newmark, editors.

The making of a Salafi Muslim woman: paths to conversion / Anabel Inge.

The invisible hand in the wilderness: economics, ecology, and God / Malcolm Clemens Young.

40 questions about creation & evolution / Mark F. Rooker, Kenneth D. Keathley.

A commentary on 1 & 2 Chronicles / Eugene H. Merrill.

40 questions about interpreting the Bible / Robert L. Plummer.

The givenness of desire: concrete subjectivity and the natural desire to see God / Randall S. Rosenberg.

Alms: charity, reward, and atonement in early Christianity / David J. Downs.

The hidden God: Luther, philosophy, and political theology / Marius Timmann Mjaaland.

Body aesthetics / edited by Sherri Irvin.

One hope: re-membering the body of Christ / Julie K. Aageson, John Borelli, John Klassen, Derek Nelson, Martha Stortz and Jessica Wrobleski.

I & II Thessalonians: a commentary / M. Eugene Boring.

When the roll is called: trauma and the soul of American evangelicalism / Marie T. Hoffman ; Foreword by Lowell W. Hoffman.

Evolution and the fall / edited by William T. Cavanaugh and James K. A. Smith.

Reunion: the good news of Jesus for seekers, saints, and sinners / Bruxy Cavey.

After exegesis: feminist biblical theology: essays in honor of Carol A. Newsom / Patricia K. Tull and Jacqueline E. Lapsley, editors.

Kierkegaard and Christian faith / Paul Martens and C. Stephen Evans, editors.

The new Pentecostal message?: an introduction to the prosperity movement / Lewis Brogdon ; foreword by Vinson Synan.

If not empire, what?: a survey of the Bible / Berry Friesen, John K. Stoner.

Micah: a commentary / Daniel L. Smith-Christopher.

An American conscience: the Reinhold Niebuhr story / Jeremy L. Sabella.

Playing for God: evangelical women and the unintended consequences of sports ministry / Annie Blazer.

Cooperative salvation: a brethren view of atonement / Kate Eisenbise Crell.

Family values and the rise of the Christian right / Seth Dowland.

Evangelism for non-evangelists: sharing the gospel authentically / Mark R. Teasdale.

Engaging the doctrine of the Holy Spirit: love and gift in the Trinity and the church / Matthew Levering.

Scripture as real presence: sacramental exegesis in the early church / Hans Boersma.

Love's enlightenment: rethinking charity in modernity / Ryan Patrick Hanley, Marquette University.

Being-in-creation: human responsibility in an endangered world / edited by Brian Treanor, Bruce Ellis Benson, and Norman Wirzba.

In defence of war / by Nigel Biggar.

The end of Protestantism: pursuing unity in a fragmented Church / Peter J. Leithart.

Hospitality and Islam: welcoming in God's name / Mona Siddiqui.

Martin Luther: visionary reformer / Scott H. Hendrix.

Chosen nation: Mennonites and Germany in a global era / Benjamin W. Goossen.

The challenge of evil: grace and the problem of suffering / William Greenway.

Being human in God's world: an Old Testament theology of humanity / J. Gordon McConville.

The mind of the spirit: Paul's approach to transformed thinking / Craig S. Keener.

A commentary on Judges and Ruth / Robert B. Chisholm, Jr.

Fighting fundamentalist: Carl McIntire and the politicization of American fundamentalism / Markku Ruotsila.

A commentary on the manuscripts and text of the New Testament / Philip Wesley Comfort.

European Mennonites and the challenge of modernity over five centuries: contributors, detractors, and adapters / edited by Mark Jantzen, Mary S. Sprunger, and John D. Thiesen.

On the production of subjectivity: five diagrams of the finite-infinite relation / Simon O'Sullivan, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK.

Alkibiades' love: essays in philosophy / Jan Zwicky.

Von Mexiko nach Paraguay: Mexikanische Mennoniten finden in Paraguay ein neues Zuhause / geschrieben von Beate Penner ; herausgegeben von einer Gruppe Geschichtsinteressierter Siedler aus Rio Verde

The way of letting go: one woman's walk toward forgiveness / Wilma Derksen.

When did everybody else get so old?: indignities, compromises, and the unexpected grace of midlife / Jennifer Grant.