New Books

Alternative and bottom-up peace indicators / edited by Roger Mac Ginty

Politics and vision: continuity and innovation in Western political thought / Sheldon S. Wolin.

Leadership and school boards: guarding the trust in an era of community engagement / Laura E. Reimer.

Procesgericht verbeteren in de Publieke Sector. English

Cultural studies 1983: a theoretical history / Stuart Hall ; edited and with an introduction by Jennifer Daryl Slack and Lawrence Grossberg.

After defeat: how the East learned to live with the West / Ay?e Zarakol.

Freedom and indigenous constitutionalism / John Borrows.

Mass media law: the printing press to the Internet / Arthur S. Hayes.

Our revolution: a future to believe in / Bernie Sanders.

Putinism: Russia and its future with the West / Walter Laqueur.

No shortcuts: organizing for power in the new gilded age / Jane F. McAlevey.

The age of acquiescence: the life and death of American resistance to organized wealth and power / Steve Fraser.

The world won't wait: why Canada needs to rethink its international policies / edited by Roland Paris and Taylor Owen.

The new Arab wars: uprisings and anarchy in the Middle East / Marc Lynch.

Uncertain accommodation: aboriginal identity and group rights in the Supreme Court of Canada / Dimitrios Panagos.

Human rights in Canada: a history / Dominique Clément.

Beneath the tip of the iceberg: improving English and understanding of U.S. cultural patterns / Darla K. Deardorff, Kay M. Bowman.

Charter justice in Canadian criminal law / by Don Stuart, B.A., LL. B, Dip. Crim., D. Phil.

Canadian criminal law: a treatise / by Don Stuart.

Uncivil rites: Palestine and the limits of academic freedom / Steven Salaita.

Hope in the dark: untold histories, wild possibilities / Rebecca Solnit.

Backrooms and beyond: partisan advisers and the politics of policy work in Canada / Jonathan Craft.

Strangers in their own land: anger and mourning on the American right / Arlie Russell Hochschild.

Third World studies: theorizing liberation / Gary Y. Okihiro.

Reform or repression: organizing America's anti-union movement / Chad Pearson.

Nation to nation: treaties between the United States & American Indian Nations / general editor, Suzan Shown Harjo.

Hillbilly elegy: a memoir of a family and culture in crisis / J.D. Vance.

Native studies keywords / edited by Stephanie Nohelani Teves, Andrea Smith, and Michelle H. Raheja.

On fantasy island: Britain, Europe and human rights / Conor Gearty.

Taking liberties: a history of human rights in Canada / edited by Stephen Heathorn and David Goutor.

The secret trial 5 = Les cinq des procès secrets / written and directed by Amar Wala ; producers, Noah Bingham, Amar Wala.

The conceit of humanitarian intervention / Rajan Menon.

The less you know, the better you sleep: Russia's road to terror and dictatorship under Yeltsin and Putin / David Satter.

Indigenous peoples' innovation: intellectual property pathways to development / edited by Peter Drahos and Susy Frankel.

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms: 30+ years of decisions that shape Canadian life / Ian Greene.

Israel's Colonial Project in Palestine: Brutal pursuit / Elia Zureik.

Peacebuilding and the rights of Indigenous peoples: experiences and strategies for the 21st century / Heather Devere, Kelli Te Maih?roa, John P. Synott, editors.

Women and wars / edited by Carol Cohn.