New Books

Felt time: the psychology of how we perceive time / Marc Wittmann ; translated by Erik Butler.

Obesity in Canada: critical perspectives / edited by Jenny Ellison, Deborah McPhail, and Wendy Mitchinson.

DBT-informed art therapy: mindfulness, cognitive behavior therapy, and the creative process / Susan M. Clark.

Physics on your feet: Berkieley graduate exam questions or Ninety minutes of shame but a PhD for the rest of your life! / Dmitry Budker, Alexander O. Sushkov ; illustrated by Vasiliki Demas.

Computation and its limits / Paul Cockshott, Lewis M. Mackenzie, Gregory Michaelson.

Gender and diversity issues / by Franklin C. Pinch [and others].

Dancing with elephants: mindfulness training for those living with dementia, chronic illness or an aging brain / Jarem Sawatsky.

Play and wellbeing / edited by Cindy Dell Clark.

The therapeutic community: theory, model, and method / George De Leon.

Cherokee medicine, colonial germs: an indigenous nation's fight against smallpox, 1518-1824 / Paul Kelton.

What makes you clever: the puzzle of intelligence / Derek Partridge, University of Exeter, UK.

Plankton: wonders of the drifting world / Christian Sardet ; edited by Rafael D. Rosengarten and Theodore Rosengarten ; translated from the French by Christian Sardet and Dana Sardet ; prologue by Mark Ohman.

Entropy demystified: the second law reduced to plain common sense / Arieh Ben-Naim, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.

Selected problems in physics with answers / M.P. Shaskol'skaya, I.A. El'tsin ; translated by W.J.F. Reynolds.