New Books

I contain multitudes: the microbes within us and a grander view of life / Ed Yong.

Thermodynamics kept simple: a molecular approach: "what is the driving force in the world of molecules?" / Roland Kjellander.

What should a clever moose eat?: natural history, ecology, and the north woods / John Pastor ; illustrated by the author ; foreword by Bernd Heinrich.

Timekeepers / Simon Garfield.

Why time flies: a mostly scientific investigation / Alan Burdick.

Conformal methods in general relativity / Juan A. Valiente Kroon, Queen Mary, University of London.

Life atomic: a history of radioisotopes in science and medicine / Angela N.H. Creager.

Deconstructing cosmology / Robert H. Sanders.

Numerical relativity / Masaru Shibata, Kyoto University, Japan.

Time travel: a history / James Gleick.

Cosmology with Matlab: with companion media pack / Dan Green.

MRI: physics, image reconstruction and analysis / edited by Angshul Majumdar, Rabab Kreidieh Ward, Krzysztof Iniewski.

Wonders of the plant kingdom: a microcosm revealed / Wolfgang Stuppy, Rob Kesseler, Madeline Harley.

Neuroplasticity / Moheb Costandi.

Biotechnology of lactic acid bacteria: novel applications / editors, Fernanda Mozzi, Raúl R. Raya, Graciela M. Vignolo.

Introduction to general relativity and cosmology / Christian G. Böhmer, University College London, UK.

Vaccine nation: America's changing relationship with immunization / Elena Conis.

The practitioner's guide to user experience design / Luke Miller, General Assembly.

Ultra-low field nuclear magnetic resonance: a new MRI regime / Robert H. Kraus Jr., Michelle A. Espy, Per E. Magnelind, Petr L. Volegov.

Introduction to cosmology / Barbara Ryden, The Ohio State University.

Clinical low field strength magnetic resonance imaging: a practical guide to accessible MRI / Hans-Martin Klein.

Essays. Selections

Conservation behavior: applying behavioral ecology to wildlife conservation and management / edited by Oded Berger-Tal, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel and David Saltz, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel.

Thermodynamics and equations of state for matter: from ideal gas to quark-gluon plasma / Vladimir Fortov.

Classical and quantum cosmology / Gianluca Calcagni.

Quantitative ecology and evolutionary biology: integrating models with data / Otso Ovaskainen, Department of Biosciences, University of Helsinki, Finland, Henrik Johan de Knegt, Department of Environmental Sciences, Wageningen University, the Netherlands, Maria del Mar Delgado, Research Unit of Biodiversity (UMIB, UO-CSIC-PA), Oviedo University - Campus Mieres, Mieres, Spain.

Anigrafs: experiments in cooperative cognitive architecture / Whitman Richards.

Half-earth: our planet's fight for life / Edward O. Wilson.

Geheime Leben der Bäume. English

Complexity: the evolution of Earth's biodiversity and the future of humanity / William C. Burger.

Conservation of freshwater fishes / edited by Gerard P. Closs, University of Otago, New Zealand, Martin Krkosek, University of Toronto, Canada, Julian D. Olden, University of Washington, USA.

Brain computation as hierarchical abstraction / Dana H. Ballard.

Being a beast: adventures across the species divide / Charles Foster.