New Books

Streetfight: handbook for an urban revolution / Janette Sadik-Khan and Seth Solomonow.

Principles of evolutionary medicine / Peter Gluckman, Alan Beedle, Tatjana Buklijas, Felicia Low, Mark Hanson.

Archaeology's visual culture: digging and desire / Roger Balm.

Flesh and bone: an introduction to forensic anthropology / Myriam Nafte.

The mysterious science of the sea, 1775-1943 / Natascha Adamowsky.

Indigenous bodies: reviewing, relocating, reclaiming / edited by Jacqueline Fear-Segal and Rebecca Tillett.

Contexts for young child flourishing: evolution, family, and society / edited by Darcia Narvaez, Julia M. Braungart-Rieker, Laura E. Miller-Graff, Lee T. Gettler and Paul D. Hastings.

Social Theory in Archaeology and Ancient History: the Present and Future of Counternarratives / edited by Geoff Emberling, Cambridge University Press.

Pioneers in Canadian criminology / edited by John Winterdyk.

Engaging indigenous economy: debating diverse approaches / edited by William Sanders.

Reading from behind: a cultural analysis of the anus / Jonathan A. Allan.

Eating soup without a spoon: anthropological theory and method in the real world / Jeffrey H. Cohen.

Ethnobiology for the future: linking cultural and ecological diversity / edited by Gary Paul Nabhan ; foreword by Paul E. Minnis ; with drawings by Paul Mirocha.

Radical theatrics: put-ons, politics, and the sixties / Craig J. Peariso.

Blood: the stuff of life / Lawrence Hill.

Gender, law & justice: a custom textbook from Fernwood Publishing / edited by Gillian Balfour [and 8 others] ; compiled for Emily van der Meulen.

Kingdom ethics: following Jesus in contemporary context / David P. Gushee & Glen H. Stassen.

Imagining criminology: an alternative paradigm / Frank P. Williams III.

Mourning nature: hope at the heart of ecological loss and grief / edited by Ashlee Cunsolo and Karen Landman.

Evidence-based practice in sport and exercise: a guide to using research / Brent L. Arnold, PhD, ATC, FNATA, Professor and Chair, Department of Health Sciences, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, Indiana University, Indianapolis, Indiana, Brian K. Schilling, PhD, CSCS, Professor and Chair, Kinesiology and Nutrition Sciences, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada.

North to bondage: loyalist slavery in the Maritimes / Harvey Amani Whitfield.

Einbruch der Wirklichkeit. English

Roman toilets: their archaeology and cultural history / edited by Gemma C.M. Jansen, Ann Olga Koloski-Ostrow and Eric M. Moormann ; with contributions by Jesús Acero [and 29 others].

Seven rules for social research / Glenn Firebaugh.

Climate, environment and Cree observations: James Bay Territory, Canada / Marie-Jeanne S. Royer.

Status quo?: the unfinished business of feminism in Canada / written and directed by Karen Cho.

Be good and do good: thinking through moral theology / Bernard V. Brady.

Entering into rest / Oliver O'Donovan.

Pocket dictionary of ethics / Stanley J. Grenz, Jay T. Smith.

A primate's memoir: a neuroscientist's unconventional life among the baboons / Robert M. Sapolsky.

Aviliaq: entwined / directed by Alethea Arnaquq-Baril ; written by Dallas Varcoe ; produced by Meriam Levin-Gold, Alethea Arnaquq-Baril, Anne-Marie Stuart.

Two soft things, two hard things / written, produced & directed by Mark Kenneth Woods & Michael Yerxz.

The child to come: life after the human catastrophe / Rebekah Sheldon.

The Roman games: a sourcebook / Alison Futrell.

Anger and forgiveness: resentment, generosity, justice / Martha C. Nussbaum.

Why zebras don't get ulcers / Robert M. Sapolsky.

Mind's eye: stories from Whapmagoostui / storytellers, Sam Atchynia [and others] ; compiled and edited by Susan Marshall & Emily Masty.

A grammar of Mam, a Mayan language / Nora C. England.