New Books

Social change and creative activism in the 21st century: the mirror effect / Silas F. Harrebye.

Understanding research in early childhood education: quantitative and qualitative methods / Nancy File [and three others].

Disrupting gendered pedagogies in the early childhood classroom / April Larremore.

Netspaces: space and place in a networked world / Katharine S. Willis (Plymouth University, UK).

The evolution of human sociability: desires, fears, sex and society / Ron Vannelli.

Cyberbullies, cyberactivists, cyberpredators: film, TV, and Internet stereotypes / Lauren Rosewarne.

Mobility, sociability and well-being of urban living / Donggen Wang, Shenjing He, editors.

Called to rise: a life in faithful service to the community that made me / David O. Brown ; with Michelle Burford.

How the United States racializes Latinos: white hegemony and its consequences / edited by José A. Cobas, Jorge Duany, and Joe R. Feagin.

Epistemologies of the South: justice against epistemicide / Boaventura De Sousa Santos.

Desire change: contemporary feminist art in Canada / edited by Heather Davis.

Australian violence: crime, criminal justice and beyond / editors, Julie Stubbs, Stephen Tomsen ; foreword, Professor Raewyn Connell.

Sichtbarkeit des Bildes. English

Disability in antiquity / edited by Christian Laes.

Empty cellars, melting ice, and burning tundra: climate change and Native peoples in the United States and Canada / Bruce E. Johansen, PhD.

The medieval chastity belt: a myth-making process / Albrecht Classen.

A reenchanted world: the quest for a new kinship with nature / James William Gibson.

Animal oppression and human violence: domesecration, capitalism, and global conflict / David Nibert.

Asegi Stories: Cherokee Queer and Two-Spirit Memory / Qwo-Li Driskill.

The human city: urbanism for the rest of us / Joel Kotkin.

Beauty and sublimity: a cognitive aesthetics of literature and the arts / Patrick Colm Hogan, University of Connecticut.

Labeling theory: empirical tests / David P. Farrington and Joseph Murray, editors.

The hidden agenda of the political mind: how self-interest shapes our opinions and why we won't admit it / Jason Weeden and Robert Kurzban.

The vascular cambium: development and structure / Philip R. Larson.

Cultural hybridity and the environment: strategies to celebrate local and Indigenous knowledge / Kirsten Maclean.

Gender, race, and Sudan's exile politics: do we all belong to this country? / Nada Mustafa Ali.